Each employed immigrant has his or her place of work. It is only the taxi driver, forever moving on wheels, who occupies no fixed space. He represents the immigrant condition.
Amitava Kumar
Each employed immigrant has his or her place of work. It is only the taxi driver, forever moving on wheels, who occupies no fixed space. He represents the immigrant condition.
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Baseball is going to end some day. I realize that as soon as you retire you know, people forget about you in this game fast! There's the next young guy coming up that's always better than you. So, for me, it's just about using baseball as a platform to do a lot of things.
Education lays a strong foundation. I was keen on films, but my mother insisted on me finding all about the line I was planning to take. I am into films but I know my Plan B is ready, just in case.
I did this whole series on the buffalo soldiers-on black soldiers-I did another series on black cowboys, and I presented myself to the gallery system, and all these people with these massive collections didn't know there were black cowboys or black soldiers. I ended up hitting a niche I didn't know was there.
There were a lot of people in Manchester that I was connected to, so it is a bit different coming to London and not knowing as many people.
When you do something as long as I have, you obviously love the sport - although not everything about the sport.
If any fantastic filmmakers want to offer me roles, I'll consider it!
I never had a proper modeling career. It was not something I succeeded in. Once I started acting, that's when the fashion world kind of embraced me.
Often, we have only focused on what we've done wrong as a nation. Of course we should face our sins and our mistakes. But if we get stuck there and don't focus on where we've come from and how we've overcome those sins and mistakes, we are truly to be pitied.
The people we send to Washington have to roll up their sleeves, stop the fighting, and work together on issues that are not political, not partisan, but personal to families across our state and our nation.
If only all straight weddings could be somehow gay-ified.
I'm a prankster with a Monty Python sense of humor that somehow gets misrepresented in those tacky supermarket publications as bratty, snotty, and rude.
When we look back on all the perils through which we have passed and at the mighty foes that we have laid low and all the dark and deadly designs that we have frustrated, why should we fear for our future? We have come safely through the worst.
Every time I do a play, I'm like, 'When do I get to do the one where I wear a gown, sit in a chair, and say funny things?' I'd love to do that.
My dad died of a heart attack when I was 15. I was bullied mercilessly in middle school. I went through a divorce - those not-so-great things are all a part of me, and they give me a place to go when I cover those stories on the news. I'm more empathetic, more relatable because of them.
I like superheroes who are very human and underdog. That's why I relate to my character in 'A Flying Jatt': because he is a very normal person and very human. He was very unsure about his super powers; he didn't know how to use them. He is scared of heights, speed. Especially he is scared of his mom, but he has to listen to her.
It's difficult to articulate how I know it's the right actor, but I do. It's instinct. Intuition.
The earth was probably born by accident; but, in accordance with one of the most general laws of evolution, scarcely had this accident happened than it was immediately made use of and recast into something naturally directed.
There are no rules, no models; rather, there are no rules other than the general laws of Nature.