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Any book on empire will omit, by necessity, vast tracts of the imperial experience, and so critics can easily find facts and details to contradict an author's bold generalisations.
Work infuses my whole life. My creative life is my real life, so it's hard to separate.
I want to do everything. I want to do commercials, endorsements. I want to design.
We need the government to force the banks to write down all their bad assets now and then recapitalize themselves, preferably with private capital. Those banks that cannot raise sufficient capital should be seized and their deposits sold off.
London's central role in the financial market would be undermined if wealthy foreigners did not want to come here.
The reality is that most of us actors have to take work that we would rather not at some time.
Tolerance as practiced by the Christian, enlightened West was never about thinking that bad people are good but that we are all called to love the sinner and hate the sin.
Wired gave 'Duke Nukem Forever' the first Vaporware Award, and then the next year it won No. 1 vaporware again, and then again and again until Wired decided, you know what? 'Duke Nukem' is just going to get the lifetime achievement award for vaporware.
Life for me in Los Angeles required medication. I spent nine years being sad and down in the dumps. L.A. doesn't work with my chemistry.
My wife was the part of me that was missing. And I got that whole family that came along with her in the deal. It's an extended family, and they're very close, and it's a dynamic that's never been around me before.
I actually noticed how much I love my Sonicare because my friend got me a Quip, which I'll take with me when I'm traveling, but is not as great a toothbrush.
I like receiving attention for the things that I do, like a good film.
It's not a hard job to be yourself.
America has done a great job making brutally fast, stripped-down cars.
I love Stone Cold. It's a weird obsession, and he should probably get a restraining order.
I was low-key abusing myself. The idea of being skinny became something that was most appealing to me. Even if you watch 'The Real,' from season 1 to season 4, I was always 100 lbs. I started to really work hard to stay petite and to not gain weight and to stay sample size.
Secularism is intact because of Hindus.
I am proud of the fact that we live in a country where all festivals are celebrated with the same energy.