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As I got older, I got comfortable with revealing myself. In the past, I've feared a lot of things. I thought people just hated me, maybe because I was criticized a lot since I was young. Even when facing reporters like this, I just came to the conclusion, 'They will hate me.'
I am lucky to be part of a 'Kyunki.' Not every actor gets a chance to be part of a successful television show.
Our training schedule can change quite a bit throughout the year - if you're going into quite a heavy Test match workload a lot of it's based on recovery and a lot of aerobic work is done in that period.
Noel Gallagher - he's a legend.
Donald Trump has a curious understanding of what freedom of speech means.
We all need a government that solves our real problems and is not preoccupied with itself.
The far right was on the march in the 1930s, and we defeated the fascists through a great united working-class effort. That sense of unity and strength is what gave people confidence to change things.
When we first started out we only had five or six songs we could play live, so if we ever got an encore, we used to do our cover of City High's 'What Would You Do?' We'd be playing it and people's mouths would be moving singing all the words, but they'd be thinking, Where is this song from? It's such a brilliant pop song but the lyrics are so dark.
With how well I have been playing, I have earned the love of the fans.
You can lose money, and you can lose all sorts of things, but you can't lose your self-confidence.
Being tired doesn't necessarily make me grumpy but I do find it incredibly hard to focus or get anything done.
Chicharito has had a very good career. He was at Man United and then when he left, he went to Real Madrid and then Leverkusen. He is the perfect striker.
Nervenstarke means that no matter the situation, I have to show my teammates that I remain prepared and confident and there for them. They have to feel my Nervenstarke.
Everybody I see, that's the first thing they think of when they see me: 'WHUUUUUT?' or 'YEEEAAAHHH!' But they don't realize that everybody and their grandmother says that to me.
How I hurt my knee was doing something so minimal that it was a little worrisome. To try that motion and others again, after the injury and after surgery, made you worry a bit.
My style reflects my mood, the place I'm in, and the place I'm going to.
My dad had been in the second world war, had electric shock treatment, suffered from anxiety and was abusive to my mum. I kept a lid on my feelings at school but, when I was 18, dropped out of everything and couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed.
When I first played some Coltrane-type stuff on the 'Pimp a Butterfly' sessions, Kendrick got it immediately. 'I want it to sound like it's on fire,' he'd say. That's the kind of common ground that the best jazz and the best hip-hop have.