One of the things that many people are unhappy about is that when we get angry, especially with someone or something that we perceived to be someone or something negative, we can immediately experience a great level of self-worth loss because our thoughts will be filled with the hurt, humiliation and anger of not being able to control the emotion of anger. These kinds of feelings can be extremely damaging to people who do not know how to deal with them. There are many different ways to deal with these emotions, but one of the best methods is to find humorous angry quotes that are aimed directly at this person or thing that is causing the angry emotion. This way, you can effectively diffuse the anger without having to actually say anything that could possibly hurt someone’s feelings.


When you are looking for humorous quotes, you may want to look for ones that have a lot of positive meaning in them. For instance, if you are feeling angry with someone over something that you did, you might want to consider finding some Buddha quotes that say that forgiveness is the most important aspect of the human mind. By reading one of these quotes and repeating it in your mind whenever you feel angry, you will effectively give yourself the power to forgive those whom you are angry with, as well as yourself. In order to make the most of this, it will be beneficial to write down the quote on a piece of paper and then tape it to your pillow, so that every time you feel angry you can read it out loud in front of your mirror to imprint it into your memory.


There are also many famous quotes that have been adapted into song form. There are popular songs that tell people to say the words “I’m mad, I’m upset, I’m angry” out loud, and there are also more personally inspiring sayings like “give a hoot, don’t worry about it.” Whatever your personal needs are when you are dealing with angry emotions, there are many funny and angry famous quotes out there that can give you the motivation that you need in order to overcome this problem.

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