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Watching her, I've seen the pros and cons of being in the industry, and how so many people can be so harsh - especially toward someone as talented as Miley. But I look up to her for being so strong, being able to take all of that hate and being able to deal with people who misunderstand who she is.
I used to isolate myself and be in my room by myself all the time.
I'm glad Phil Jackson got the rings for Chicago. You traded me away from New York, cool. It's all business; it's all love, whatever. But I'm a grownup now. You not my hero no more.
I don't know if money is something to really celebrate.
When I was playing street hockey, I really thought that I had some skills!
Celeb crushes? Chris Brown - I hope he doesn't really find out.
Most summers we went to Bangladesh and stayed in Grandad’s village, filled with relatives. I’m one of 67 grandchildren.
When I was 19, I did an internship in Los Angeles and lived with a friend of mine in the Valley.
I never really liked Hollywood. I found it unreal - unreal and full of men and women whose lives were confused and full of pain.
I have a dream of playing 100 Tests.
I don't believe in uselessly fighting for nothing.
Growing up in a system that tells you just because of your skin colour you are not good enough - you learn at a very young age to toughen up.
A mixer for me needs to have some sort of effects, as it's a big part of how I might hype up the crowd in certain parts of a track, using the delays and filters for instance.
I absolutely know how to sit in front of a computer screen, that's for sure.
I watch a lot of British television so people like Olivia Coleman, Sheridan Smith and Jodie Comer continue to inspire me with their versatility and story telling in British television.
It's totally different playing a lawyer and a detective.
I don't take the Internet and social media very seriously. I've grown up around social media but to me what happens on the Internet just doesn't feel real.
I've changed my character 100 per cent; if not, I could never have become a manager.