A brother and sister relationship are probably one of the loveliest and most pureest of relationships. In fact, your siblings are basically the only people that are going to be there by your side throughout your entire life. However, there have been many serious and funny sayings regarding the relationship that siblings share. Here, we have compiled a few of our favorite brother and sister quotes.


One of the most sentimental brother and sister sayings is the one that starts, “Sisters live life so why not let them live it to the fullest.” This beautiful saying clearly tells us that although both the brother and sister want to spend every moment possible with each other, there are certain things in life that need to be left for later. We often hear the saying, “letting go” to people in order for them to move on with their lives. But sometimes we also have to wait for things to become different. By using this beautiful quote, the brother gives his sister the confidence that she can handle whatever comes her way.


Another of the most romantic brother and sister quotes is by Miguel Delgado. He said, “I have discovered a beautiful shelter under a tree. It is home, really. It is called a mother’s womb. Though my sister was here before, it is as if she is here now because I am her child’s mother.”


If we think about it, brother and sister relationships can be so fragile at times. But what also makes them so special is the fact that they understand each other’s problems and are able to support each other during times of trouble. This is something we all need to keep in mind. By using these wonderful brother and sister quotes, we are all ensuring that our siblings will be close forever.


There are tons of cute brother and sister quotes that you can use as inspirational sayings. Some you might already have in your own mind, while others may be new to you. But no matter what quotes you choose, make sure that they are positive, that you say them out loud while also thinking them. No one wants to read poems when they are trying to get through a hard day.


When reading poems, it can be hard to not get caught up in the sentiment and end up making a stupid comment or saying something like, “wow, who’d you pick that flower?” When it comes to brother and sister quotes, we should remember that they are only words; so when we are thinking them, we should make sure they are sincere. If we are getting deep in a bad mood, instead of typing in a poem to share, why not take out the flowers and just put them on the desk in front of us and let our little brother and sister feel how they really feel? It’s the least we can do for them right?