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Nationality: British Born: September 19, 1964

Alan Alexander Milne, better known as A. A. Milne, was an author and poet from England, who was particularly famous for being the creator of the character Winnie the Pooh. Milne was educated at the University of Cambridge and initially worked as a playwright; however it was as the writer of Winnie the Pooh in 1926 that he became famous. It was followed up by The House at Pooh Corner two year later. Other than that, he was a prolific writer who wrote children’s short story and poetry collections, newspaper columns, plays and had also been a columnist for the popular magazine Punch.
Indeed, it is a proven mathematical theorem that a doughnut is topologically distinct from a sphere.
Topologists are not concerned with angles and lengths, which are clearly altered by stretching the rubber sheet, but they do care about more fundamental properties.
I'm happy watching 'The Simpsons' at home.
I don't want to write books that are intellectually staggering if nobody's going to read them.
In fact, scientific results are a careful attempt to objectively measure reality, and although they may be refined over time, they are always our best hope of getting at the truth.
As soon as the idea of the Big Bang was proposed in the 1920s, astronomers set about trying to work out when the bang happened. Initial estimates were, not surprisingly, wildly inaccurate, but by the 1980s it was known that the universe was 15 billion years old, give or take 5 billion years.
The age of the universe is not just 'a guess', but rather it is a carefully measured number that is now known to a high degree of accuracy.
In 2001, a systematic review of five studies revealed that roughly half of all chiropractic patients experience temporary adverse effects, such as pain, numbness, stiffness, dizziness and headaches. These are relatively minor effects, but the frequency is very high, and this has to be weighed against the limited benefit offered by chiropractors.
You might think that modern chiropractors restrict themselves to treating back problems, but in fact they still possess some quite wacky ideas. The fundamentalists argue that they can cure anything. And even the more moderate chiropractors have ideas above their station.
The worlds of maths and science have a long history of naming important objects after people.
The only consolation is that homeopathy can only be practised on animals by a fully trained vet or under the supervision of one, because it is forbidden for the average high street homeopath to treat animals on their own.
High street homeopaths, who typically do not have any serious medical training, are allowed to treat you and me for almost any condition.