Jalen Rose


Nationality: American Born: January 30, 1973

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If I'm playing for North Carolina, and Eric Montross goes up and dunks one, I might jump up and hug him like I was his girlfriend. It's supposed to be that way, in my opinion. Players should be able to express themselves and grow.
I've always gotten a kick out of leading my team in assists.
I've always worked hard at being a well-rounded player.
People don't realize this, but throughout my career, I grew up patterning my game after Scottie Pippen's. I admire him for his versatility.
I've always been a big-time Scottie Pippen fan. That was my guy growing up!
I want to be a guy who helps the team a lot of different ways.
Michigan is a proud university.
I realize everything's on me as far as what kind of player, person, and student I'm going to be.
I'd just shoot until I got tired. I wanted to improve my outside shooting and my ball handling. I wanted to improve everything.
I felt I could have been the kind of player Denver needed, but there were too many things going on with the team.
The idea of playing the point and leading a team to the NBA championship is what drove me to get up every day and work on my game as a kid.
Most of the time, before you get traded, there are rumblings. I wasn't totally surprised that I was going to get traded - I anticipated it happening. And I wasn't surprised that I got traded to the Knicks, either.