Hina Khan


Nationality: Indian Born: October 2, 1987

Alan Alexander Milne, better known as A. A. Milne, was an author and poet from England, who was particularly famous for being the creator of the character Winnie the Pooh. Milne was educated at the University of Cambridge and initially worked as a playwright; however it was as the writer of Winnie the Pooh in 1926 that he became famous. It was followed up by The House at Pooh Corner two year later. Other than that, he was a prolific writer who wrote children’s short story and poetry collections, newspaper columns, plays and had also been a columnist for the popular magazine Punch.
I consider myself really lucky, like I've been God's favoured child.
I asked my mother, 'Why shouldn't I act?' She said, 'Nobody in the family has acted, so why should you?'
Everything I am today, I owe to my father.
Urvashi is a fabulous actor.
There was a task I had done in 'Khatron Ke Khiladi' where I had to put live worms into my mouth as part of the task. It was quite gross.
I am the only lead actor on Indian TV who has been part of a popular show for eight years. It's a record.
A fan requested me for a photo, after which he made his whole family click photos with me, and while leaving, he told his family that I was Katrina Kaif!
I have been given the tag of Sher Khan. So, the tiger is my spirit animal.
The best part about my job is that I'm pampered and always treated like a Barbie doll on the sets. But the worst part is that I have to work daily without many breaks.
I can manage to get into any outfit, whether Indian or Western, and carry it off.
I'm a good singer, yet I couldn't participate in 'Star Ya Rockstar.'
I love eating bread fried in butter.