Danielle Campbell


Nationality: American Born: January 30, 1995

Alan Alexander Milne, better known as A. A. Milne, was an author and poet from England, who was particularly famous for being the creator of the character Winnie the Pooh. Milne was educated at the University of Cambridge and initially worked as a playwright; however it was as the writer of Winnie the Pooh in 1926 that he became famous. It was followed up by The House at Pooh Corner two year later. Other than that, he was a prolific writer who wrote children’s short story and poetry collections, newspaper columns, plays and had also been a columnist for the popular magazine Punch.
I think that's the great thing about acting: you get to play different characters and enhance one part of yourself to really bring that out and create a new person.
I want to get to experience all kinds of roles.
Such a big part of this business is rejection. Each time that you get rejected, a big part of it is just staying positive - even if you don't get the role, it's still giving you practice. I love being able to take direction and talk with the casting directors in the room.
I love the term 'young actress' because it just means that I don't know everything yet, and I hope I never do. I won't. I won't ever know everything.
I never really pictured myself as an actress.
I kind of fell into acting.
I don't want everyone to think I'm just the girl who acts.
For 'Prom,' if I had missed high school, I don't think it would come off as real.
Home schooling, to me, would be lonely.
I just love the outdoors!
I had so much fun filming 'Starstruck.' It was an amazing experience, and I bonded right away with Sterling Knight, so we had loads of fun together!
I'm really surprised at how popular 'Starstruck' has become, but I'm so thankful because we worked so hard on it, and I'm happy that so many kids enjoy it. I'm also really happy at how the soundtrack turned out!