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There are so many kids in Africa who adore these athletes in the NBA and see themselves in them, even though we're so far removed.
My dream is to help young players. I don't want them to make the mistakes I did in the past.
I may not have played men's football, but I've been at World Cups as a player. I know the emotions. I've been in quarter finals, a semi-final. I'd been substituted and sat on the bench watching us lose a penalty shoot-out. I know what happens, what you need when the pressure's on.
I was raised as a Catholic and as an Ismaili. My father felt that I should have some training in Islam, but my mother was a Catholic, so really, I was raised with both.
Unfortunately, the record I did with Motley wasn't exactly a huge success. But working with those guys was a huge learning experience as well as a really creative time, so I had an absolute blast during that five years of my life!
I'm a nerdy guy who likes to read a lot.
My nickname, when I was 15 years old in the Coast Guard, they called me 'Hollywood' because I went to the movies all the time. It was such great escapism. That's why I ran away from home.
Family is what I've leaned on for years; it's what I cherish the most.
One has to inculcate a feeling that if I build a road, then a Hindu or a Muslim or a Parsi or a Christian can walk on that road. We all have equal right to share water, electricity, or road.
'Baahubali' team is not after numbers. If we would have been number guys, we would have never made a film with such a huge budget. We just wanted to make the biggest war film of this country, but what it has achieved is amazing.
Longevity has a lot to do with me continuously nonstop putting music on the shelf, and making myself be the face of the Bay, and continuing to carry the Bay on my back for many moons, you know.
Tel Aviv was established in 1909 by a group of secular Jewish families; Judaism's origin story is about 2,000 years older.
I think I use writing as a catharsis. I feel sometimes that I'd like to share that with people, so Instagram becomes a vehicle.
This is a virile sport in which physical contact is allowed.
I remember thinking Democrats and liberals were the good guys. They cared about the little guy. They cared about poor people. They cared about minorities.
I think every one of our songs could be a Top 10 record.
When you're up on stage, especially being a female guitar player in a male-dominated field, if they just see you're into it, and it's your passion, and you're just giving it your all - it's not, like, an accessory - then it's all cool.
I've taught people in improv classes, then watched them move to Los Angeles to become Emmy winners and movie stars. That experience, for anyone wondering, is both super exciting and also makes you put a microscope on your own life choices. It causes you to question why you still perform stand-up in so many Brooklyn basements.