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I quite enjoyed doing 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' because I felt like I got the actual co-ed experience. Because I went to an all-girls school, and that was fun - I love just putting on a uniform and living my life - but I also like to flirt with guys. I didn't get to do that in high school.
We need to move off the planet. And Mars is the next best place.
I think anything you do on your own, so to speak, I think, is worth more than something that is maybe looked upon as gifted to you or handed to you.
You can tell the history of people on a plate.
The last thing I want to do is just be another voice on country music radio.
I know Tottenham are not among the biggest clubs in England, but they are considered a very good club to play for, a nice place to play.
You've got to play to your players' talents.
To be very honest, my reason for getting away from 'Pepsi Battle of the Bands' was because I was on tour. I wanted to be on tour, and the amount I was asking for, they said that they couldn't pay it.
If it wasn't for Paul Brown, I probably wouldn't have a job because he basically evolved scouting.
We must face up to a difficult paradox: The U.S. can maintain a leading position in science only by giving up its desire to be number one.
We are all just the tip of a pinprick of the millions of things that had to happen in order for us to be here.
I'm all or nothing. I'm either having fresh vegetables, or I'm eating fried fish.
I get a lot of attention, maybe not as much as a lightweight in B.J. Penn or someone like that, but my time is coming.
Yes, Adam Sandler is a good kisser, and other actresses have said the same thing to me. They've come up to me - other actresses who've kissed him - and said, 'Hey, so good, right?'
If you choose to do something, attack it. You can hate me, but there's one thing you can't say about me - that I didn't attack it.
Of course there's going to be expectations when you're playing well in the national team. But you just have to deal with that.
I was on my dad's tour bus when I was super little. My dad did a tour of 'Annie Get Your Gun' when I was really little, and I loved going and seeing him do that.
I would want to start. I want to run out there in front of 20,000 people and get my name announced. I get it. I get that.