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Perception's not reality.
A lot of players and pundits can be talking the Scottish league down and it's not until players and coaches actually experience it they start respecting it.
For whatever reason, in this country we have a very interesting relationship with poverty, where we think people in poverty are bad people.
Most of us at least briefly considered answering, 'An astronaut,' when asked as children what we wanted to be when we grew up.
When I first signed schoolboy forms for United, as a midfield player, I felt for a while that I was just treading water.
Football is just a game. Everybody takes it so much more seriously than it is, but there are many more important things in my life.
I want to be choosier. I can't let quality take a back seat... not after 'Kaaka Muttai.'
I am really glad to be a part of Srijit Mukherji's 'Nirbaak.'
Painful breakups can have profound effects on the body and mind.
The only focus for me is on my preparation, my execution, and what I can do for the team.
I have been part of really good projects which I'm extremely proud of and 'Chhichhore' will stand tall among my body of work. This is my first Rs 100 crore film and I know I will cherish this moment always.
'Happy girls are the prettiest,' and to be in the camera frame makes me happy. I just want myself to keep working. I can be in front of the camera for 48 hours continuously without any breaks.
Drake and I have built a relationship, vibing and performing together.
In the Arab Spring, that obviously came to a head in Syria. I found myself arguing for intervention, mainly just because I wanted things to get better, and I had this germ of liberal humanitarian interventionism.
I always loved playing video games. It was something my mom did, and my sister played as well.
I get to play a game that I love and I'm going to make the most of it.
I worked for a smoothie company, and that was rough. I also sold women's shoes for a very long time. That was super rough.
I always tell myself every day, I'm just as good as anybody.