Best Something quotes

In films, we tend to come up with something new all the time. Challenges and experiments are new at every stage.
In a way, I'm fighting because of my mom. She wanted me to find something in my life.
I feel like winning the title was a curse. It was something that I always wanted to achieve. I got it, but it didn't turn out the way I thought. The business side of it has not been very good.
When I'm angry, when I've got something to fight for, I'm charged up.
When a director is remaking a film, he should tweak it, add Bengali sentiments to it and make it look like a regional movie. A copy-paste job is something I don't support at all.
Comedy is something I enjoy doing.
I feel like I can make any shot. That's something that's been in me since I started playing the game.
I was an 'SC guy growing up. I remember my high school coach asking everybody what college and he was shocked when I said I wanted to go to USC. It wasn't too far from us. There was something about 'SC. Everybody wanted to go to UCLA, but I was always an 'SC guy.
I don't like when people talk trash and then they get the W after and they feel like they did something. I don't like that feeling.
There's always something to look forward to.
My colleagues and friends in the Freedom Caucus believe something very simple: Our country deserves a secure border and immigration laws that put the safety, security and prosperity of Americans first.
Music changes every year, but some people are great at riding waves and then they're doing something different next year.