Best Out quotes

At a programme in Kannur, I was asked who I wanted to be in my next birth. I said I don't believe in rebirth but if we should imagine it, I wished to be born in a world without religion or politicians.
There is no life without laughs for me.
You should know that there are heroes here who are unduly worried about each role they portray.
Since I don't have an image to be worried about, I am not concerned about it when it comes to selection of my roles.
Saroj Kumar is plagued with insecurity about how he can survive in the industry, what with new, better looking actors coming up, and experimental films taking over his once popular box-office success formulas.
I am not bothered about money. I have no dreams that feature money. I dream only of good cinema and good scripts.
No amount of money can replace the kind of happiness and satisfaction I derive out of writing.
I feel great about the boxing in South Florida.
I'm superstitious about my hair. I don't like to cut it before big fights.
If I don't knock out Lennox Lewis, I am going to beat the hell out of him.
I was 18-years-old hanging out with Mickey Rourke and Johnny Depp at Mickey's club Risk.
It's a hard sport. You don't come from a rich family wanting to be a boxer. Rich kids get hit in the face, they go home. Poor kids come back. They see boxing as a way out.