Best Now quotes

You should know that there are heroes here who are unduly worried about each role they portray.
You need not give others a chance to exploit you always. We should know what kind of exploitation is taking place. I cannot create an incident to say that women have been exploited in Malayalam film industry.
The society will have good children, if the mothers are good. If the mothers lack sense and knowledge, the children may go the wrong way.
We all know what this business can do to you... you end up walking on your heels.
I know there are certain powers who would rather have the champions be Eastern European because there's more money in it.
Some days, I didn't know how I was going to make it to the next morning.
I want everyone to recognize and know me. I don't want bodyguards. I want to be able to go out into the masses.
I know how to sell a fight.
Brownsville girls are known for being quick-tempered.
I've had plenty of bad breaks you know.
I want to make a diference. I want people to know my name. Like Ali.
I want the world to know me. I want to go down in history.