Best Life quotes

There is no life without laughs for me.
My ambition in life is to be associated with a good film. And I feel that a writer has a more important role to play for the society than an actor.
I have only one passion in life - cinema.
Some people can accept the changes in life in a mature way but for most others, it is never easy.
In a way, I'm fighting because of my mom. She wanted me to find something in my life.
It wasn't until the birth of my daughter that I realised I had to get it together. I had my second chance in life to do what I'm doing, which is inspire people to not give up.
I myself had a rough life and it's been a struggle but I believe my gift is the ability to connect with everyone.
I'd love to be in the Olympics and face Felix Savon again. But if I can't, I'll make the best of it. Life ain't over.
Life is much like batting, treating every ball on merit.
Take up a challenge and treat it as an opportunity. Once you do that and succeed, all you want in life is more such opportunities.
You have to look at youth in whatever you do, in whatever walk of life at some stage.
We live life in the present.