Best Irony quotes

With obvious irony, many of the left-leaning privacy advocates who might cheer Apple's stand against the government's intrusion into its system, are now, as transparency advocates, on the side of the leakers of the Panama Papers.
I'm not into cartoons. That's the irony of it.
Bourgeois values aren't just for white people. The irony is: Bourgeois values can help minorities get ahead.
I guess my sense of humour leans more towards irony and tongue-in-cheek performance.
I could write a joke song really easily, but I think something that might be true for my generation is that there's a certain irony or detachedness expected of us, even though we really feel sincere. So the only way to sincerity is through a joke.
I was a bit of a humour black sheep. I would make these jokes full of irony and dark cynicism and that just didn't work when I was seven, people did not laugh.
I love British television. I love the irony, I love the authenticity and I love the roles I get put up for.
When the Beatles were on 'Ed Sullivan,' life went from black and white to color like in 'The Wizard of Oz' - and the irony I'm in the band Toto is not lost on me.
The irony is, when people now compliment my ability to make something out of nothing on the football field, my mom is the one who's been doing so in real life all along.
Existing outside of irony is so hard.
The formerly incarcerated - returning citizens - often face a cruel irony in America. Having paid their debt to society, too many are banned from the ballot box that could help them dismantle policies that essentially extend their sentences.
I love power ballads and the earnest lack of irony and emotion that exists in '80s music, along with synth guitars, of course.