Best Football quotes

You know, I was going to be a footballer at one stage, but... nah.
There's so much talent around here, east London in particular is full of talent. Whether that be boxing or football or music.
Personally, I enjoyed school as much as the next kid. I was into art and every sport going from football to table tennis, so I kept busy. I never bunked a day off and left with 9 GCSEs, if I remember correctly.
What I say about myself, black footballers or black pop stars is that we have been 'elevated out of blackness.' Because when people see us, they don't see us as being black. These are the issues that we should address.
How many black people are there in the higher echelons of any industry? We can talk about journalism, we can talk about politics. So why should football be any different?
We have to look at it holistically and as a whole and say let us tackle racism or discrimination in life. Then you can look to get rid of it in football.
I don't differentiate between racism in football to racism in life so, therefore, as a football manager I knew that I would get racist abuse.
When you talk about kicking racism out of football, people automatically assume you are talking about on the terraces and on the football field. But all racists have to do is keep their mouth shut for 90 minutes and they're fine.
There is no right or wrong way of playing football.
There are lots of different ways of playing football. It depends on how tall you are, what position you're in.
For most footballers, they just have to give their all for 90 minutes two times a week, and apart from a few training sessions spend the rest of the time resting. They only train intensively for six weeks before the new season.
Football is all about scoring goals.