Best Doing quotes

I love doing humorous roles and I write my characters that way. But I haven't received many offers from others to do comedy.
My politics are expressed through the films that I write. That's why doing 'Arabikkadh' was a great experience because I got to associate with like-minded people.
I had to fight in K-1 in Japan to make a living between fighting and doing commercial work over there, and it's been a roller coaster in a sense, but it's been a smooth one.
It wasn't until the birth of my daughter that I realised I had to get it together. I had my second chance in life to do what I'm doing, which is inspire people to not give up.
I'm proud of doing well at school and if there'd been any money I would have gone to college.
I've been doing breathing routines for years. It is massive. It helped me in commentary as well.
As long as we know the job we are doing and we are honest to our jobs, as long as support staff we are helping players channelise their energies in the right direction, we are not worried about what critics say.
Since most heroes are doing villainous roles these days, that thrill is lost. Earlier, there used to be a hero, a heroine, a villain and such. The villain's entry would generate a lot of curiosity among the audience back then.
Comedy is something I enjoy doing.
When they talk about you in trades or being let go, there's just so much negativity around, that's bad. But when you're doing good, and teams want you, they want to trade for you, that's good.
If you don't have fun doing the things you love, doing your job, you shouldn't be doing it.
I've been doing this playing basketball forever. It's always going to be a part of me. I know that.