Best Compliment quotes

I used to get these reviews in American newspapers saying that they didn't understand what my lyrics were about. I saw that as a compliment. That's exactly what English songwriters should be doing!
I think the good thing about 'Take Me Out', which is kind of a compliment to us really, is that when it started doing well round about the second series and people started getting into it, all of a sudden every time you turned over a channel there's a new dating show on.
I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing, because from all the compliments I've received so far, it sounds like I'm on the right track.
If there are people who admire us and what we do, that's a huge compliment. As long as it doesn't get too crazy.
I guess I don't take compliments well.
I'm not easily offended so whether it be a compliment or a derogatory comment, it really doesn't bother me.
It's always nice to get a storyline - I know all actors say that, but it genuinely is, as it feels like the show's team are putting their faith in you to do it justice, so it's quite a compliment.
Wherever I go I bask in the glory of the compliments showered at me by everyone that I have a beautiful wife.
Full compliments to everybody in Southampton because the support of the fans was amazing and the spirit and the belief of the players, it's very enjoyable for the manager.
In India, when someone calls you sexy, they don't mean it as a compliment; it has derogatory connotations.
When 'Mardaani' came out, one of the great compliments was that we hated the character but we loved the guy. So that was a great compliment to get, especially from female fans.
Being fierce is a compliment! It's not an insult.