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Some people in the press don't respect people in life. I can put my head on my pillow and sleep great because I respect everyone.
Disgust for the female body is always tinged with anxiety, since the body symbolizes mortality.
I really tell a lot of stories. I want people to know who I am.
When you sign on the dotted line in any sport, your body's not going to be the same.
I always saw my mother just making decisions that helped our family. It was much later when I realized how courageous she really was, and I came to understand what a risk-taker she was. That's very much a part of how I am.
I think that if everybody committed themselves to making a better world than how we found it, things would be much better than what they are.
In my country, Gabon, entry into the digital age, which is the future, can be seen in numerous sectors - from telecommunications to security, finance, and hospitality.
Many who know me or have worked for me are aware of my penchant for strategic planning. I consider it a critical component of the success of any organization and believe in the value of planning for a company's needs over multiple time horizons, as well as reviews against that plan at regular intervals.
That's what I wanted to do was play music.
I'm the seventh child among eight siblings and have always had a gift for art.
What is a nightstand without Mindy Kaling? I dip into her 'Why Not Me?' when I've had a particularly rough day. Her hilarious observations and anecdotes never fail to cheer me up.
I thrive on that nomadic lifestyle.
All Bangladeshi citizens, including minorities and women, must feel safe and confident in exercising their right to vote.
Obama tried to make deals with Republicans, and I don't think he realized he'd have such an insanely opposing Congress.
I really didn't feel that my motion picture career was going the way I wanted it to go.
The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. That's what you have to do: you have to be confident in your potential and aware of your inexperience.
I met Donald Trump in 2003 on a reality show. Could you ever imagine then that we would end up in the White House together?
In the 1900s, bleaching lotions and skin-lighteners were a female imperative no matter what her colour, often carrying suggestive names like 'Fair-Plex Ointment' and 'Black-No-More.' The tiniest touch of rouge was allowed, but only if applied with great subtlety.