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I hope I never get complacent and continue to give my 100% to every film I make.
Lynne Ramsay's 'Ratcatcher' blew me away when it came out. When I started making short films, I would watch that film over and over again, marvelling at how that story visually unfolded.
All impeachments, I guess, are political.
I get the normal stats, like tackles and pass completion and high-intensity runs. I get them after every game to see how similar they are to every game and to make sure I'm hitting the targets - or not too far away from them.
There's no better way to start your career than by playing probably the best guy in the league.
I would always sneak in the refrigerator and eat seconds, and underneath my bed - you know, I had my own bedroom - it was littered with Twinkie wrappers and Jolly Rancher wrappers. And I would sneak-eat, because I was denied food, not because I was hungry, but because my mom and dad did the best they could in 1970 and '71 and '72.
What I love most about SZA's music is her unflinching vulnerability.
You can win with strong players, but you cannot win with angels.
My main agenda as an actor is just to spend time with my characters - I am really glad that the roles being offered to me is very versatile.
I mean, I'm always happy to be compared with Scorsese!
Anyone can be seduced by the possession of power and influence.
Nobody wants to be a bad parent.
Seeing any film after I have made it is difficult.
Everybody makes mistakes. I'm definitely not perfect.
My nickname at school was Caveman. When I tell people my name is Kayvan, some insist on going 'Caveman?'
I have done martial arts my whole life, so it comes easily, but I have never done proper sword fighting.
The American people expect their leaders to condemn white supremacy in unambiguous terms. President Trump not only failed at condemning white supremacists and neo-Nazis, he stood up for them - for that, he must be censured.
I like being feminine, it's my way of not conforming to the stereotype that if you're a racing driver you don't care how you look.