The thing for me is that my natural state is to be reserved and not share.
Tom Segura
The thing for me is that my natural state is to be reserved and not share.
Quotes to Discover
I've never attempted or even tried or will ever throw anyone under the bus. That's just not me. I don't do that.
Pressure comes from being unprepared.
You have just got to live life and let others live.
When I retire, everyone is going to respect me for fighting the big names.
'Countdown' is family television.
To defeat Donald Trump, the Democrats must run a stellar cast of all-stars in their primary.
As Ronald Reagan demonstrated, it is still possible to progress if not from a log cabin at least from obscurity to the White House. It is also rare.
I realized, year of the tiger was 1974, which was the year my father passed away when I was a kid... My family, at that point, were Christian Scientists. So basically, this woman Mary Baker Eddy started this in the 1800s, and the premise is that you don't go to doctors. You believe that God is gonna heal you.
Imagination makes us shape better stories, sure, but it also allows us to multiply possibilities.
I didn't want to just be remembered for 'War Horse.'
When societies go backwards and slide into authoritarianism, nationalism, and tribalism, machismo and sexism are also emboldened.
My mother was German, and I was brought up with 'Struwwelpeter' stories, which are invested with all sorts of horrors waiting for you if you do the wrong thing.
I'm really into very 'naive craft,' like Second World War playing cards.
We were for Mao, but when we saw the films he was making, they were bad. So we understood that there was necessarily something wrong with what he was saying.
I was lucky enough to be launched into the marketplace with the blessing of a series like 'Jewel.'
Human beings are very good at adapting to what happens.
Think of our physical sustenance. It is truly heaven-sent. The necessities of air, food, and water all come to us as gifts from a loving Heavenly Father.
You're going to hurt, yes. You're going to have tweaks and problems. But you're a football player; you can play through those.