The preseason's all about getting good film out there, making the most of the opportunities that you get.
Taysom Hill
The preseason's all about getting good film out there, making the most of the opportunities that you get.
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I influence a lot of people with my hairstyle, with dressing up, but nobody will give me credit. I'm not afraid to take chances, I like to look good and I have a personality.
A comprehensive approach to a two-state solution is not just, we believe, in Israel's interest. It's in our interest.
I got fired from a job years ago. It was an accounting job. They were basically trying to cut corners, so they employed a bunch of temps to do proper accounting. And it just caused absolute bedlam and I did get fired.
Yes, I would say I had quite a rough time from 1992 to 1996. After the highs of the Eighties, work became slow from around 1987 to around 1997. I was running a small recording studio in Shepherd's Bush but wasn't making a great deal from it.
I've always been fascinated by horror.
Nobody's going to help me when I get in that ring. That's how I like it: the responsibility's on me, and whatever happens is down to me, nobody else.
When I have to be in public, I can't be in a bad mood.
I love Sam Smith a lot.
I miss watching TV and thinking they were all real. I used to feel like that about 'Neighbours.'
Rap, to me, is communal. It's something you do with your friends. So becoming a member of a group was the dream.
Equal rights should not be a partisan political issue - so why are all gay leaders in one political party?
Yes, it's called 'Queer Eye' and there are five gay men on it, but we're also tackling real issues. The conversations we have on our show would be just as valid if they swapped us out with straight guys. What we do is important, not just because we're a niche gay show.
I've always thought of the United States as a place where so much was possible and so many opportunities were out there.
There's two things that are tough when you're trying to be a songwriter: Number one is, how do I write a great song? The second thing is, how do I write a great song that's right for me?
People respond to real problems from the heart.
It's good to pay high taxes - you have free schools, free universities. It's a much more decent society than those where everybody pays their own way, and some people don't get anything.
I do believe that Brock Lesnar will be coming back. I don't want to call it from retirement, but he is a huge draw, big guy, sells tickets. So that's a fight I would be interested in.
There are some people who are happy to be African writers. They are pan-Africanists. I'm not a pan-Africanist. I think African countries have a lot in common. But we are also very different.