When you truly empathize with someone, you have to take into account all the things that make that person who they are.
Tarana Burke
When you truly empathize with someone, you have to take into account all the things that make that person who they are.
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I'm in a museum. I'm a relic.
It’s like an electroacoustic, surround-sound cello gamba. It embodies everything that fascinates me the most - acoustics, playing instruments, digital processing, movement of sound. Somehow, everything is combined in Ómar.
As the captain of the team, my job involves more than just playing. I have to talk to the players and motivate them.
See, talent is important, and so is hard work. But if you don't have destiny and good karma on your side, talent cannot do the magic by itself.
To me, Valentine's Day is not merely limited to a lover but speaks of universal love.
'The Princess and the Warrior' is looking at the same things as 'Lola' - just from a different angle.
If I had my career to do over again, I think I would wrestle under my real name, John Hennigan, because if there was some sort of brand test associated with professional wrestling, I would hardcore fail that test because I have so many names, it's confusing to me, even.
I would say Tupac influenced me the most to start rapping, but as far as a female icon that I've looked up to since I was six or seven is definitely Gwen Stefani.
With #ChooseKind, you can just do whatever you can to make someone else's day better by including people in something you're doing and by just smiling at people.
I only got into show business because I quit football.
In the Bible, there is absolutely no motivation for Judas, other than that he is sort of a 100 percent figure of evil. And it seemed to me that that was probably not the case.
The charity that I work for is the Johnson Cancer Research Foundation at UCLA. I also do work with Stand Up To Cancer.
To suggest things may be going on in our brains that we aren't fully conscious of, that we unknowingly make classist, sexist and racist presumptions... Well, there just aren't many comfortable ways to take that. And in the face of discomfort comes the mask of defence.
To be weighed down by things - books, furniture - seems somehow terrible to me.
You have no idea the people I meet when I do these Comic-Cons. When I go sign autographs and say hello to people, I see everything!
Critics of 'economic sciences' sometimes refer to the development of a 'pseudoscience' of economics, arguing that it uses the trappings of science, like dense mathematics, but only for show.
It's great living with your best friends.
On certain, delicate subjects, bringing in outsiders to talk about values is pertinent because pupils listen to them more attentively.