The elimination of deductibility of state and local taxes will also encourage more privatization of municipal services.
Stephen Moore
The elimination of deductibility of state and local taxes will also encourage more privatization of municipal services.
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I started to get my doctorate, not to be called 'doctor.' Those are just little things you get to get recognition.
It’s always a fun game to go back and guess what long-past people would think.
The Nose is a beautiful route. The best thing is that, in one day, you get to climb so much. You climb and climb and climb the whole day.
I had promised myself that after 'Gajini,' I would go back and take a break. However, 'London Dreams' began almost immediately.
The attorney general should be a watchdog for the rule of law, not a lapdog for the president - simple as that.
I like working on the pitch, staying focused.
The main thing for me was when I won my first title in Kuala Lumpur. That was the biggest step that I made. I made the Top 100, and I've stayed there ever since.
I've moved to Australia, to amazing parents who gave me unconditional love, to being educated and submerged in an amazing country and society.
Black folk who don't realize I'm mixed will treat me like I'm some racist person, or when white people find out I'm black, they treat me with racism, and I don't feel like I belong or fit in anywhere.
Startups are often best at solving the personal problems of their founders. The more diverse the founders, the more types of problems can be solved - and the more people who will be positively impacted by technology.
The promoters of big data would like us to believe that behind the lines of code and vast databases lie objective and universal insights into patterns of human behavior, be it consumer spending, criminal or terrorist acts, healthy habits, or employee productivity. But many big-data evangelists avoid taking a hard look at the weaknesses.
'Justice' actually means different things to different people.
PR is premised on truth, trust, and transparency.
There are days when I look at my news feed, and it seems like a social fabric of fun - a video of the first steps of my friends' baby! My nephew's prom date! On other days, it feels like a NASCAR vehicle, plastered with news stories, promoted posts, lame Live videos, and random content.
I consider myself pro-life, as I accept that the unborn is a human life with rights, and I do not support abortion on request or on demand.
It's so great to watch sports live. I think everyone should watch it up close once, if possible. I would like to see every sport live at least once to fully appreciate what's happening on the court or on the field or on the ice or whatever the playing surface may be.
I've had some shows where I really plan out what I'm going to say. Then I've had other shows where I'm like, 'Take a sip of the Ole Smoky Moonshine and just let it be natural and cross your fingers that you say the right things.'
I like - I love calculus. I love linear algebra, probability and statistics, that kind of stuff. I just really like that.