Getting a part in 'Raman Raghav 2.0' was an unbelievable moment. I couldn't believe that it was happening to me.
Sobhita Dhulipala
Getting a part in 'Raman Raghav 2.0' was an unbelievable moment. I couldn't believe that it was happening to me.
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I'd never done television prior to 'Boardwalk.'
You think it's so easy? Get in goal.
Despite being a classical musician, I keep poking my nose in other genres of music.
Especially in America, when you move away from home, sometimes you get disconnected with your grandparents, your friends you grew up with.
I've been lucky enough to do this fantastic job now for more than 50 years. To make people laugh, to entertain, create a wide range of emotions - it has always been a tremendous thrill for me, and it still is.
I had no desire to go to Iraq. I never wanted to go to Mosul. I'm not a war correspondent. No part of me thrives on the adrenaline or anything like that.
I never chased around with the opposition or got too well acquainted with them, because when the time in the ballgame came up where I had to pitch inside, I didn't want to hesitate.
The most valuable thing my dad taught me was to never care about what other people thought. When he came to my shows, and I'd announce his presence, he'd stand up with his hands clasped in victory and cheer my name.
It's fun, with 'Bloodline,' because people who come up and recognize me for that really want to know what's happening. The people who have binge-watched it are very obsessed with the characters, which I love.
In 'Good Grief', in trying to create this sense of the huge downs and ups, stumbles of this process, we're almost using the music to make it uplifting, so it's not completely hopeless.
When you really make things that really challenge the status quo or challenge issues, and you do it artistically, and you do it with no fear, people are listening.
I wrote a song for my sister's wedding.
I'm never a flashy type of person.
We question these issues of race and struggle and white privilege because we know that those issues are real and because those issues have real implications in black communities. And white supremacy is not only dangerous, but it is deadly.
I've worked with incredible people that have set amazing examples for me.
I joined as chief scientist in October of 2009. The company is a URL-shortener and content-sharing platform; we provide tools for people to share and track links on the Internet.
I attended classes and taught classes, in Food Anthropology at Pace University, with an anthropology professor. You can trace history by the architecture and food of a place. Food is one of those things that transcends and stays in the culture.
The familiar can feel good - especially with so much uncertainty when we turn on the news. But it doesn't uplift us, challenge us, or inspire anew as truly original work can.