I'm proud to say all our products are made in the U.K.
Sara Davies
I'm proud to say all our products are made in the U.K.
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Life at home wasn't very good and I had really left by the time I was 16 and didn't go back until after Cambridge when I went to look after my mother when she was dying.
I'm the cog in the middle that makes it all turn together. And if you pull me out, a lot of other cogs start to fall.
I've represented my country and played in the Premier League a long time so I am pretty realistic and confident in what I can bring.
Life is not always going to be roses and rainbows. You are going to have uncomfortable moments. It's what we do with those moments that is going to count and determine our destiny.
I've been putting out records for so long, but I didn't want to tour because I didn't think anybody really cared.
In the beginning, in 1975, just how big a star Kamal Haasan was, today's generation does not know.
The power of sexual attraction is a real thing.
My job as a character actor is to make me fit the character, to serve the character. To present this human being who turns up in a piece of film or entertainment that's going, you know, exist as if it might exist after the film is finished and it existed before the film has started.
Honestly, I don't have time for a lot of TV. And it's unfortunate, because I love TV.
It seems like a gross waste of time to continue our career predicated on the idea that we're going to divide opinion. What's more important is just doing something that you love.
Judges decide upon copyright law. They decide upon trademark law. They decide upon scientific issues. They decide upon very complex technical issues on a daily basis. So you must have confidence in the Supreme Court, that they will apply their mind and they will come out with a decision consistent with the Constitution.
The Joker is my favorite villain of all time.
I have a physical background. It's not like I'm a kung fu master, but my real training was dance school, and through that, I move to this thing called Capruera that I used in 'Ocean's 12.' I can pretend that I can do a lot of things, but then, I don't really master anything.
If you try to discuss multiculturalism in the U.K., you're labeled a racist.
Sometimes I can't stop myself from buying things just because I see them - even when I don't really need them.
I asked the man on the phone from the National Endowment for the Arts what this fellowship entailed, and he said, 'Well, first there's $10,000.' I asked him, 'Can I pay it in installments?'
I lived a dual life, and when my dual life exploded, I began to feel much happier.
The Dream Act as it's been written originally is too broad, to be honest. It basically would apply to too many people.