I try to keep a regular work schedule.
Michael Giacchino
I try to keep a regular work schedule.
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I do have strong opinions.
I would love to do a comedy, and I think physical comedy is something I probably have a knack on.
Is there some situation where square wheels would be better than round wheels? Sure! A round wheel has a pressure point directly under the tire. A square wheel's corners are going to bite and propel you forward. The square wheel could be superior on snow or mud or sand.
It would be very difficult to find a more complete player than Milner. There are players who are better technically. There are quicker players. There are players who head the ball better. But show me a player who does all the things that Milner does well, and there isn't one.
Brexit is not ideal. I'm famously not a Brexit negotiator, but relations between Ireland and the U.K. have been getting stronger, and a big part of that has been trade and feeling like sister countries within the E.U. I don't think it will affect the 'vibe' of relations, but it will have a significant effect on trade and business.
Who wouldn't want to practice with the No. 1 player in the world?
I personally feel that religion should be kept private.
Napoli fans saw themselves in me. I knew I was not alone when entering the pitch, but I was there with a whole city.
First and foremost, I just have to be myself.
Let's be honest, 'Ginza' doesn't really have lyrics to speak of. It's a party track - a party for reggaetoneros to come out of the closet.
I worked for a company called Population Services International, a social marketing company advocating healthy behaviors. We had a big branding campaign with celebrities to help educate about the proper use of mosquito nets, for example, to help prevent malaria.
Every filmmaker wants to get their audience talking.
The best way for me to put it is that if my spiritual life isn't bigger than my outside life, then I'm out of balance. I make my spiritual life a priority.
I thought it would be really cool to show the world the inner life of someone like me, who doesn't have a huge personality, who deals with some personal demons and is a little bit shy and a little awkward when you first get to know me.
Whether you talk about the olive oil, whether you talk about Aceto Balsamico, whether you talk about Grana Padano, whether you talk about Mozzarella di Bufala. These are all traditional Italian products that are hard to beat, and they're easy to transport and buy. You don't have to do much around it. Just eat them.
I'm really blessed. I love my job. Love going to work. I just love it. I love getting it, I love preparing for it. I love the whole process. I love the whole ritual. I'm really very lucky. Lucky girl.
All I can say is God loves this country. We all know it. We wouldn't be where we are without him.
To the extent the dollar gains strength relative to other currencies, assets priced in those other currencies would become cheaper on a dollar basis.