'Gargoyle' was inching towards a more accessible record.
Mark Lanegan
'Gargoyle' was inching towards a more accessible record.
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Whether it's the grind of the day to day, or a crisis, we all need to work together because that's what great public service is all about.
My second book will be the autobiography of Destiny's Child.
My true goal was to be an actor, was to be on TV. I wanted nothing more.
We never want to see anyone go in front of the camera or behind the mic without union protection.
A special thank you must go to my mum and dad and entire family for your unwavering support. It means so much for them to have followed and watched nearly all my games, sharing my highs and lows.
I have never done television, essentially, so the Internet has made me and opened avenues for me.
I got more than my share in life; a little more wouldn't hurt.
Daniel Bryan is a guy I'd like to mix it up with at some point - Tyson Kidd, Kevin Owens. You know, we have a lot of history in NXT, and he's another guy I've known for a long time, so there's so many different options.
On stage, I feel like I'm invincible, like nothing bad can happen. I can be myself. I feel like I shrink when I'm off stage.
I'm not gonna sound like the next person. I could respect your sound, but I could also do my own - you feel me?
Don't compare me to Stormzy. Me and Stormzy are both legends in our own right.
When you make a heavy record, there should be a point where you say you don't want to share it, but then maybe you come around.
I am very proud of 'Newton.' It's a wonderful film.
There is something that always will be true about painting and sculpture - that in order to really get it, you have to show up. That is something that is both sad and kind of beautiful about it. It remains analog. It remains special and irreducible.
Kindness to animals seems to me to be one of the most rudimentary lessons of all.
When you have two races in a row, it's really important to keep that mental energy stable.
Mexico is where I fell in love for the first time; it's where my family lives... so however much I travel, I inevitably return there.
Every executive should be able to say four things: 'I don't know,' 'I need help,' 'I was wrong,' and 'Thank you.'