You have to work hard as a woman for people to take you seriously.
You have to work hard as a woman for people to take you seriously.
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I like being by myself.
We have to fight climate change like we actually want to win.
When I used to fight against the corrupt system, my wife ran the house and my mother supported me.
It's not so surprising that there are more women in metal bands. And they're not just fronting them. There are drummers and guitar players, bass players.
It's impossible to utilize your right to free speech in the way you truly deserve and not suffer repercussions on any level.
I've always loved myself, always.
The team is the most important thing.
I try to write from a place of writing what I know, and what I know is interesting and appropriate women with edgy senses of humor. They're not soft people, so why are all the movies about women soft? My friends are all blazing their own paths. Some are married with kids, but a lot of them aren't. Some of them don't want that life.
It's good to get proper check-ups of the players, even if it's quarterly, or every three months.
Dreams are the ones that really keep me moving all the time. That's what drives me.
Nothing always stays the same. You don't stay happy forever. You don't stay sad forever.
What makes a good festival, above all, is the audience. It feels disconnected when it's meant to bring in people from elsewhere and not meant for the people who actually live there.
When you're a regular on your own show, there's a comfort level that you have with the crew and the other castmates, so going into work can feel like going to your second home.
I just went up to my mom one day and said, 'I wanna be on TV. I wanna be a superstar!' Since I know this is my passion, and I feel like God chose this career for me, I just knew I was ready to do it.
Books were a huge part of my childhood growing up. We would go on vacation, and my mom was always carting manuscripts around.
I was anxious before I decided to go back to acting about what I wanted to do with my life. Once I realized I was sort of interested in acting, I've been pretty lucky and had all these great parts. And I feel pretty much like, 'What will happen will happen.'
I've always been drawn to the message of 'Be yourself. Love yourself.' I need to be reminded of that all time.
How Donald Trump has come so far with so few words - how he even managed to keep up conversationally with all those beauty queens - is a question I don't expect ever to be solved.