Top-rank global corporations are collapsing. That could happen sometime, and somehow even to Samsung.
Lee Kun-hee
Top-rank global corporations are collapsing. That could happen sometime, and somehow even to Samsung.
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I love being on the road and I love my band, but also need to be with my kids more and I need to be creating more.
For me, if I didn't have reading I'd go absolutely crazy. It really helps me to unplug from the whole world, and keep my sanity, and be able to fill my time with something other than technology.
If someone said, 'What was anything you could wish for,' it would have been to have Donald Tardy in my band as my drummer.
Wembley was crazy stuff. The songs, the noise... best fans ever. My hair was up all the way.
I want to be great.
LeBron James has always been the biggest one - I just love to watch him. I'm a big fan, and he's a big inspiration of mine.
Life isn't always wonderful.
Emotion AI will be ingrained in the technologies we use every day, running in the background, making our tech interactions more personalized, relevant, authentic, and interactive.
Money is flowing out of traditional advertising into experiential, social, and sports.
The whole reason Pinterest exists is to help people discover the things that they love and then go take action on them, and a lot of the things they take action on are tied to commercial intent.
I've definitely learned how hard it can be to lean in when you're struggling at home.
If I've had any modicum of success, it's because I've had good relationships, and people trusted me.
Some people think they should go to Heaven but not have to die to get there. Sorry, but that's simply not how it works.
I want to keep bettering myself as an actor and singer.
I was terribly upset not to be in 'Dickensian,' so I pretend to look down on it. The part I should have played, Mrs. Gamp, is done brilliantly by Pauline Collins, but I entered this world for no other reason than to play that part.
For me, it really is about the self-acceptance... the more time that I spend really accepting and allowing myself to be exactly where I am, the faster it is I move towards what I wanna be doing.
I always thought it was sad that you couldn't get anything really good to eat at concerts, so we sit down with our fans before every show and eat a gourmet meal that we made for them.
People don't generally like advertising that takes a stand.