My goal is always to just do my best and hope that the people who find my music also find God in the process.
Lauren Daigle
My goal is always to just do my best and hope that the people who find my music also find God in the process.
Quotes to Discover
There's an age group that's just not being entertained - the boomers. There's a void out there. It's nice to be one of those who can fill that void.
The Trump administration gives me so many more opportunities to be verbal and vocal.
I believe there are talented female rappers out there that aren't one-dimensional. It's OK to be one-dimensional, by the way.
I am enjoying the experience of working with Mishra. For me, he is a world-class spinner.
I had a hell of a career - didn't miss no games.
I always believed in curating content, and the only way to do in our country is by turning producer. So then, I thought, lets turn producer and see how it goes.
The call-up is one of the best feelings you're ever going to feel.
I think there are a lot of ways to play the PG position. Scoring first is a way that works for them and their teams. I personally like to watch PGs that like to work for others.
As with real families, my fictional family on 'Life Goes On' had its ups and downs, and as part of the fictional downers, the actors were often called to cry on cue. This absolutely terrified me, because I was a pretty happy kid who didn't have much to cry about.
Vancouver is gorgeous; I've never been to any place like it.
In the Bible, there is absolutely no motivation for Judas, other than that he is sort of a 100 percent figure of evil. And it seemed to me that that was probably not the case.
The young, the old, women, the disabled, the sick and the wounded are entitled to protection under international law. Too often, the ICRC's calls for those laws to be respected are ignored.
One of the reasons I like living in Bangkok is that, although it's a megacity, it's very saturated with nature - the vast and brooding skies, the sudden storms and rains, the vegetation and even the animals that abound.
If America had a motto, it would be pull yourself up by the bootstraps, work harder than the next guy, have a goal and achieve it.
The problem is too often they are boring, and boring in a meeting happens for the same reason as in a book or movie - when there is not enough compelling tension. Meetings should be intense.
Domestic wiretaps, government television cameras blanketing our streets, spy drones by the thousands flying over our heads. It makes you wonder if the very foundation of this great country, which is liberty, is eroding right before our eyes.
Nature study will show you how full of beautiful and wonderful things God has made the world for you to enjoy. Be contented with what you have got and make the best of it. Look on the bright side of things instead of the gloomy one.
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