Inspiring people to look at their goals and go for that and believe in themselves is amazing.
Kelley O'Hara
Inspiring people to look at their goals and go for that and believe in themselves is amazing.
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Maybe there are luckier people than me, but I don't know who that would be. I feel pretty lucky. I've had a nice life - I don't know how I could be luckier.
I am an actress, not a producer; I can't decide release dates.
I've got a friend who's a builder, a friend in marketing, a friend who does furniture removals... It's good to stay grounded like that.
I haven't gone out of my way to seek advice from people I don't know.
At Kentucky, I was kind of a role player.
Obama must scrutinize and disassemble the post-Sept. 11 imperial presidency, even if he reduces his own power in the process.
'Dev' is a love story but isn't about romance. It is also about loving friends as well as family and loving every moment of life.
When you play against a top side, you know they will have more possession, and they will be in more control, and you have to find one or two counterattacks.
I love getting anything homemade - anything that's from the heart. If you can make or craft your own something, that always goes above and beyond, like, a candle - which is great, but if it's homemade, that's so much better for me.
If a community water system is forced to conduct a chlorine burn because they are experiencing nitrification, it is because they have failed... It is a remedial action to correct a serious problem they themselves have created because they are cheating on the regulations.
Our job as artists is to reflect the ills of society sometimes and to find a truth in that, and I think you can't start the healing process until you recognize the truth and all of its ugly warts and all.
Each movie you do about a real person is like a painting, and you choose certain things in the painting that you want to pull out and you want to show.
I am strongly opposed to any form of amnesty, including, especially, executive amnesty.
I'm not the Asian kid of 'Riverdale;' I'm Reggie, and I just happen to be Chinese.
Are we asking terribly much of people to be curious and interested in the female experience from the female perspective?
I'm so happy that I was able to make it to 120 games for Germany; 175 games would have been possible. I've had many great moments, but particularly the way the fans supported me and the road to the final in Rio.
You can always hear a director saying, 'Well I don't really know what this piece is saying, so therefore, I reject it.' There are any number of things you can anticipate going wrong, and sometimes they go right. But I think the things you like most are the things that get rejected first. That's just how things work.
There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road.