I knew that I couldn't afford to go wrong with the music of 'Karzzz.'
Himesh Reshammiya
I knew that I couldn't afford to go wrong with the music of 'Karzzz.'
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I was a mama's boy.
I love being around kids, and I love to see them happy.
We have bloated, out-of-control, and unresponsive government agencies that need to be reined in and focused by Congress to deliver results.
'Fallout 76' and 'Blades' get a lot of my time right now. I'm in more meetings as it's gotten bigger.
I'm not, like, a gregarious guy. I don't walk into a room and want to engage people. I'm just not wired that way. One on one, I'm fine.
When my friends and I grew up, we had 'Full House,' 'Growing Pains' and 'Roseanne.' These sitcoms were about something, about real people in a sense. They sort of super-sized real life where things aren't necessarily exactly how you go through them in daily life, but you can relate to something, and you can pull something out of it.
I get very involved in my roles. I want people to think it's all really happening. If I'm in it, I'm in it.
I stay current and draw inspiration from Fashion Week in New York as well as just by scrolling through Instagram. The runways are always a good sign of what's to come, but I also get tons of ideas from real girls on the street.
Our discussions of the economy may sometimes ring in the ears of the public with more certainty than is appropriate.
Some people look at my photos and think maybe I'm feeling frazzled, but I really want to tell them I'm just having a bad hair day!
I really want people to know I'm a songwriter.
We have such a culture of discrimination and hatred, and one that has scapegoats and affects people so extremely. That's something that very easily crosses borders.
Prop 8 did something that no other state in the history of this country has done. It took away the rights of people that already were legally affirmed. Imagine someone putting something on the ballot saying your wedding, your marriage is no longer valid.
I don't want to go around like some kind of bleeding giant or whatever, or thinking I'm a big deal, because it doesn't help you do your work. I think people like Hemingway got into an awful lot of trouble that way.
Carbon-carbon bond formation reactions are important processes in chemistry because they provide key steps in building complex, bio-active molecules developed as medicines and agrochemicals.
There are art forms we don't know about yet that will be enabled by technology we haven't invented yet.
I have ideas that I think might be amusing, and I try them, and if they look right, I carry them out, and if they don't, I throw them out and try something else. I don't agonize about it.
People only watch my shows for me, and those shows have remained evergreen long after the guests are forgotten.