I always have coffee and porridge for breakfast.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist
I always have coffee and porridge for breakfast.
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Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo? The three of them are exceptional, they have a lot of quality and they have their differences.
By creating a perception that the U.K. places a higher premium on striking commercial deals than it does on promoting and protecting human rights, our reputation in the world suffers.
I'd be happy to play for anybody.
We have to have a school board that's actually gonna be able to function and that has true parent representatives on it.
I want to play in England.
Some people might say I'm old at 28, but I look at someone like James Milner. He's 32 and playing like he is 25 or something.
I've always taken the approach that it's about the seed in the NCAA tournament.
Doing politics in Venezuela is a risk, and you can pay with your life.
I've never understood why the knowledge training and rigorous testing of London cabbies isn't rolled out all over the U.K.
I love London. I came here to discover something different. It's a great city; I like how people think here.
I'll take a multi-vitamin in the morning. I think that always helps.
A lot of times, female characters - particularly the villains - come off as very one-dimensional. They get the short shrift in that they're only given the snappy comeback, or they're relegated to a very stereotypical role. I want to know what's driving them - that's what's really interesting.
I'm glad to be partnered with Orgullosa because I feel that now that I'm able to win a gold medal at the Olympics, win a silver medal, I feel little girls will be able to look up to me, and Hispanics will kind of rise a little more.
I liked to carry the script into an audition because, for me, it reminded people that this was not the final performance. I'm still a work in progress.
I've learned and grown as a songwriter.
I have been working with people on an individual basis for years to help them break habits and deal with anxiety. I've helped people with everything from fears, phobias, and stress right the way through to eczema - anything that is governed by our psyche and inner psychology.
I'm all about evolution. I'm the first person to judge myself.
Saudi Arabia has proved to be the growth engine for Wipro.