I spend a lot of money on shoes and barely any on clothes.
Gus Dapperton
I spend a lot of money on shoes and barely any on clothes.
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I'm constantly trying to become the best. That's kind of how I'm driven. Sometimes I'm not. I kind of focus on when I'm not than when I am. That's probably something I need to switch.
The blockchain is going to change everything more than the Internet has.
If we have to save the world from the adverse effects of climate change, then developed nations must lift the deprived with financial and technical resources.
I was constantly being sought after for money. And the vitriol that came my way from many who felt threatened by controversial aspects of 'for colored girls' was often frightening.
It's important to be out as a performer.
I was a 20-something woman living in London and didn't want to write about a 20-something woman living in London! It's an area well covered already, and people would probably have thought it was about me. I decided that if I wrote about an 82-year-old dementia sufferer, then no one could mistake it as a memoir.
The level of competition on 'Iron Chef' was very intense. In fact, I feel like the show provides chefs with a stamp of approval and in many ways lets them know that 'they've arrived.' It was a tough journey, to say the least, but in the end, it provided me with an example how hard work and persistence pays off.
I don't over-gift. I don't inundate my child with a lot of things.
To sum it up, I would say that the Premier League is football's NBA.
I put my diet chart aside when I am in MP! Be it poha, jalebi, daal baafla, or namkeen, I always make sure that I relish the local delicacies before leaving Indore. Indore is a must visit for all the foodies.
If you've been on top of the food chain in the Armed Forces, that's who you are. You're used to dealing with your life in a particular way.
I always loved comedy growing up - Bob Hope, Red Skelton and Danny Kaye.
I know we've had AI films, but they've been quite specific in their scope. The scope of 'Humans' is a world set up where this technology is universally accepted. I haven't seen anything that's dealt with it in that multi-layered, every-layer-of-society way.
If teams are doubting me and offering me such a small amount of money, it might not be worth moving my family.
Stop pretending journalists are anything other than the Hillary PR team.
I would much rather be someone with high self-esteem and less funny.
People forget, most of the times we audition with people who aren't necessarily actors. So it doesn't matter who or what's in front of you: you still have to have the same realism and invested emotions.
The collapse of the Soviet Union could not have been a source of national pride for many in Russia. The one person who has capitalized on this the most has been Vladimir Putin.