It's not easy to retire. No one teaches you how. I found that out when I tried it the first time. I'm not a quitter.
Gordie Howe
It's not easy to retire. No one teaches you how. I found that out when I tried it the first time. I'm not a quitter.
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We want Indian cricket to carry on.
I have matured as a player and learnt to perform under different situations.
Life is like that: you need ups and downs for it to be interesting.
I am sure that I have improved in England.
Basically, I'm an emotional man and a human being.
Administrations and administrative faculty work very hard to see that schools are diverse as much as possible.
Contrary to what people believe, yes, basketball has been a big part of my life. But on the other hand, it's also been a small part.
It is an honour to be spreading Moroccan music and dance in India while integrating some of my favourite things about India, including the beautiful, talented, carefree children, who just light up the screen the minute they start dancing.
There have been a lot of gay punks before me, and there will be a lot after.
We were constantly traveling between Malaysia and Singapore, which is connected by a bridge at the southernmost end of Malaysia. In fact, when I was a child, I had to go between countries twice a day to go to school, because I was living in Malaysia at the time but attending primary school in Singapore.
I hope we see more avenues for representation. More TV shows and films starring queer people, especially QPOC and nonbinary folks, more mainstream press coverage of our artwork and fashion, and more representation of our interests within politics.
It matters to people that the president tell them the truth.
I feel like there is a real lack of empathy - not just in American society, it's definitely happening in Britain as well - and it's heartbreaking that people can see something and not feel it.
Race is not something inherent to one's being: One does feel more or less colored, depending on the situation.
Learning that we have a scapegoat is to lose it forever and to expose ourselves to mimetic conflicts with no possible resolution.
I would love to do comedy.
When I turned 50, I truly felt I was too old to work in Silicon Valley. No one said anything to my face, but when you can be the mother of some of the people you're interviewing with, that says it all.
Every usage, no matter how bizarre or nonstandard, fascinates me, as it tells me something about the way language is evolving.