I'm a black belt in karate. I grew up on the outskirts of Paris, and it was rough.
Elodie Yung
I'm a black belt in karate. I grew up on the outskirts of Paris, and it was rough.
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Before Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz, nobody ever said, 'I'm a crunk artist. I make crunk music.'
I hate chapped lips. I absolutely hate chapped lips.
Obama and Holder would make it a felony not to submit to a rigorous grilling for anyone transferring any firearm anywhere in the nation including any now-legal private circumstances.
Skimmed milk was what they used to give to prisoners and workhouse inmates to go with their porridge and gruel. It's a punishment, not a drink.
I can't get anything out of an orchestra if I have the 10 best guitarists, but I don't have a pianist or a drummer.
I was brought up in Glasgow, and I was a big Celtic follower.
I think the Indian AI ecosystem is growing rapidly. A lot of Indian entrepreneurs reach out to me seeking feedback about startups and products. And some of them have very interesting business ideas.
I was in several bands before I joined Judas Priest. Being in those early unknown bands were the stepping stones, really, so I learned a lot in those short few years jumping from one band to another.
'The One I Love' came out in theaters for the enthusiasts and did a chunk of business on VOD. But when it started streaming on Netflix, it exploded. Same thing with 'Safety Not Guaranteed.'
During the years of my presidency, I lived a tough and difficult life.
When I go out, I kind of put a hat on and glasses, so I'm kind of just like a photographer going around taking pictures, and people hopefully don't recognize me. But sometimes they do, and then I'll do a photo for them, too.
When I'm wearing red lipstick, I'll never do anything with my eyes. And it's so easy - you just put on red lipstick, and your whole face just seems done.
We have institutions that have been allowed to become too big to fail because we had all kinds of flaws in our financial infrastructure, in the whole way over-the-counter derivatives work.
I'm coming from the zone of Faith Evans, but with weird production.
Airports drive me mad. I don't mind the flying; it's all the hassle before you get on the plane and afterwards, including walking five miles through corridors to the point where you queue for ages to check passports and hope your luggage has arrived safely.
The spirit of non-conformity is as prevalent now in my part of west Yorkshire as it was in the time of my two immediate predecessors, Mike Wood and Elizabeth Peacock.
I don't believe that in the name of the holiness of the city you have to put barbed wires, machine gun nests, mine pins and everything of that, in the name of the holiness of Jerusalem.
In my clinical practice, the one diagnosis I always dreaded giving was Alzheimer's. Billions have been spent on research, but there's still neither a cure nor an effective treatment.