I feel like if you can do multiple things, you shouldn't shy away from them.
Cody Simpson
I feel like if you can do multiple things, you shouldn't shy away from them.
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Every time when the season starts you have a goal, right? To reach the playoffs. You reach the playoffs, and then the next step is to win the Cup.
I had just been sort of raised and formed in a general Christian context, and it seemed to my teenage self that I found the argument for Catholicism very compelling. To the extent that there was a personal driving force, it was more on the intellectual side of things than the mystical or deeply personal. When I converted, I thought it was true.
It will not matter, the pressure I always had it, I was mediated early, I learned to handle it, I got used to it and it's part of my environment.
I never thought I'd be a TV entrepreneur.
Doing simple flip books, I used to get such a kick out of it, just drawings and nothing else.
I know a lot of artists and chefs don't talk about this, but sometimes you just don't get to the finish line. That honesty and tenderness is something we're kind of not supposed to express.
Fads are born to die.
My dad left home when I was super young, so it was my mum bringing me and my brother up.
Anyone can lose a fight. That doesn't bother me. But the shame that comes afterwards is unbearable.
If you look at the Affordable Care Act, ultimately that was saved not solely by lawmakers but because of the courage of individuals and families who went to Washington, who organized, who mobilized and said 'We're not turning around.'
FDR, as best as I can tell, had no kind of involvement at all in our conversion to the paper currency.
I have a thing about inane lyrics - the world doesn't need them.
I knew I was good at sports, and I knew I loved acting and performing, so I really dove into that, and school always became secondary.
If you have Real to face, you have to think about them - they are one of the best teams in the world.
The most important relationship the 'Guardian' has is with its readers.
I don't write these stories for the rewards that come back to me. I write them because I have to write them. It's a sickness on some level. It's a compulsion.
Dance+ is a platform for Indian talent that puts a spotlight on pure, superlative, unique dancing.
We've always wanted to control the video player for our videos. We really want to evolve how comments on videos work.