I think I'd be a good pass-catching fullback.
Chris Borland
I think I'd be a good pass-catching fullback.
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Mike Patton is my mentor, and he releases two to five records a year with many different bands, and he gets stuff done.
I just don't think the Democratic party is going to vote for someone because of the colour of their skin. They care about their values. They care what they're going to fight for. They care about their vision for the future.
What I love about Zeppelin is that you can listen to their entire catalog and kind of see where they were at in the moment.
The thing for me is that my natural state is to be reserved and not share.
I love 'The Dirty Dozen.'
For my entire life, I've wrestled with my gender identity.
The worst part about not playing is when you think that you are ready to do it. You try to get more minutes, taking the chances, but you end up in a situation where things have not gone well for you for weeks - or for years. That is like swimming wet clothes.
Top-rank global corporations are collapsing. That could happen sometime, and somehow even to Samsung.
I will be that guy to change this sport, especially in the heavyweight division. A lot of people have lost interest. I'm the right man for the job... I want to make it bigger and better than it ever have been before.
Of all the songs we played, 'Statesboro Blues' was the most ripped-off.
I'm a huge cook! I'm actually trying to write my first cookbook. I make an Indian-spice Bolognese and serve it over pasta. It's a combination of flavors that people aren't used to.
Without realizing it, I think I've wanted to do a sketch show since I was, like, 11 years old. Like everybody else in comedy, I grew up watching 'Saturday Night Live,' and I was doing characters with my friends.
I'm a black belt in karate. I grew up on the outskirts of Paris, and it was rough.
I always have coffee and porridge for breakfast.
Between Twitter and Facebook, early word of mouth for a film can destroy it immediately or take something you've never heard of and make it a huge hit.
Hundreds of investors ask me questions each year about the dilemmas they confront. Their worst problem? Uncertainty. They are traumatized and become emotional or confused to the state of inaction. Even worse, they try to solve a short-term problem in a way that hurts them financially in the long run.
Life is an unending stream of extenuating circumstances.
The sweetest thing we ever had was, like, animal crackers in the pantry. I think my parents sort of passively made sure that we didn't have a lot of junk food at our disposal, and I think that helped me and all my siblings growing up with how to approach nutrition and eating right.