I don't see myself coaching gymnastics. I see myself involved in the sport in the future but involved in other things as well.
Aly Raisman
I don't see myself coaching gymnastics. I see myself involved in the sport in the future but involved in other things as well.
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You have to dare to totally be yourself and go 100% with your heart and guts.
We need to give our goalkeepers the same level of training that we've given to our outfield players.
I don't write anything. It's all done onstage, which is why I always tell younger comics that they just have to go do it. You have to get up, talk, and take a thought or a word and just expound, and you find it in there. I don't sit down and write.
At AFI, you make three cycle films your first year, and then you make a thesis film your second year, and I watched Darren Aronofsky's cycle films and was blown away - there was a young Lucy Liu, who was just part of that generation. And I just wanted to be part of that tradition.
I wanted people to know that I'm human, and I'm only successful because I've learned the hard way. I've been in so many dark places, but I got myself out.
Kevin Stallings has been a picture of consistency at Vanderbilt.
It's one thing to see the suffering and dying on the television screen and quite another to be there and experience it. You cannot look into the eyes of a starving child and yourself remain the same.
I enjoy eating so much. I eat for happiness, fuel, and nourishment.
It's much easier to get your material out to the public now than it was in 1988, when you basically had to get onto cable to have a joke heard across the country. Now all you need is an iPhone, and you can get your joke heard across the country.
Before Donald Trump took office, optimism about his presidency was the lowest of any president-elect since at least the 1970s.
I am not quick to call someone a friend. It is OK to have acquaintances and be associates. We make these words sound bad, but it is about understanding everyone's place in your life. I have a great group of people around me. I value them more than anything.
I am not a perfectionist. Perfection doesn't exist in real life. It's a wrong title for me.
I was an actor for a little bit. That's when I started to understand fiction - and that one of the great things about fiction is that you're dependent on the characters as much as they're dependent on you.
Listen, if there's anything we need more of in this world, it's something that has a better ending or is more positive.
I do radio gigs, three-minute spots, solo shows, so I still get plenty of practice at the sniper attack - me at a piano or with a guitar, having to win people over fast.
I have always been like this. I take after my father. I'm just chill.
I get up and cook for my kids, who really like my scrambled eggs. Or we make pancakes and the requisite bacon. The kids either play or watch cartoons, and Daddy gets to read the 'New York Times' and do his puzzle.
I try and let the film do the talking.