I think I play with no fear: I run at players regardless of who they are and try to make a difference.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
I think I play with no fear: I run at players regardless of who they are and try to make a difference.
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You can't keep away from the public too much, but you had to be protected to some degree and I saw that in Paul a lot. People were obsessive about the Beatles. It's a hard thing to have to deal with being that famous.
I hate losing, like everyone else.
The idea of dealing with success is always interesting to us: You spend so long struggling to make good, and then what happens when you finally do?
Neymar is an exceptional player.
As long as I can make albums, I will.
I had a conversation with John Cena, and I told him, 'If only I could be a giant with abs,' and he said, 'Maybe you could be a giant with abs.' That kind of got me thinking that maybe John was onto something, because when it comes to obviously being successful and marketable, John is one of the smartest people I've been around.
Run Adam will play a significant role in aspiring sportspersons' life to achieve their dreams.
Rules are simply obstacles to be jumped, like in a horse race: higher and higher every time.
I saw my gender - and myself - as something of a construct. Like anyone who read one too many women studies' books in the 1990s, I aspired to both 'do' and undo my sex.
Any time I go to a hospital, the doctors treat me like an equal, and I'm terrified I'll be in the delivery room, and the doctor will say, 'Noah. Noah, why don't you get a hand in here?' and I'll pass out or throw up and be horribly embarrassed.
Real heroes don't wear capes. Real superheroes wear uniforms and badges and stethoscopes! Real superheroes are members of our military, law enforcement, and first responders. Pretend superheroes wear capes!
I used to be very revenge-motivated, but that's just because I'm a Scorpio. Now I'm more so, like, practice honesty just because it makes you feel better.
I think the biggest thing, where my passionate-ness comes from, is that I love reading, and it is something that I really care about.
With 'The Big Lebowski,' we were really consciously thinking about doing a Raymond Chandler story, as much as it's about L.A.
I'm used to always having struggles getting finances together and keeping precarious budgets alive in the independent film world.
The world has changed - we can all get news 24/7 from any device, any outlet... but we want to tell different stories in different ways, and add to the news.
My great, great grandfather, Michael O'Hanson, fled the impending potato famine of Ireland and arrived in America in the early 1840s with his bride, Bridget. They headed for Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and a mecca for Irish-Catholic immigrants then.
I was writing waltzes at a time when the most popular thing was Shania Twain and the very pop edge of country. I didn't really know how to do much of that.