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My accent really comes out when I'm speaking in public or when I'm passionate about something.
I learned at an early age how to traverse the white world, the white-dominant world. I learned, and I was successful at it. I learned the nuances - I learned how to act, how to be - but I always was conscious and aware of my blackness.
My mum liked gospel and R&B, Chaka Khan, and Whitney Houston.
The Da Vinci Code' was a great experience and I was lucky to be chosen, but I don't like the pressure that goes with all these big things. I don't want to be any more famous at all.
I've read about actors trying to prevent their kids from getting into it, and I think that's from what they themselves experienced in the industry.
I've been very lucky to have great support around me.
Obviously, the 'Rocky' theme is one of the most recognizable themes in film.
It is cool to be gay, but I am not.
If you have any kind of sex appeal, people are quick to accuse, abuse, lie, assume, and make up rumors. And that's not just in entertainment - that's in life. Period.
Love or hate the outcome of what Trump has decided to do, keeping or scrapping DACA is outside of his authority as president. The executive branch enforces the law; it does not make it.
I've always loved color because it's a little bit like music. I love that it seems to be both physical and ephemeral and engages us as a metaphor for our feeling lives.
I'm trying to express nature in big cities.
I wouldn't be the type of person to critique anybody. I've got to look at myself first, to be a better person.
I'm just constantly figuring out new ways to reinvent myself.
My definition of God is the highest supreme feeling of beauty and light and happiness.
I've been a top guy since I walked in - since I beat John Cena in my first match.
When the people perceive that the print media is reporting what they believe is correct, then they tend to read the print media and to follow news on the television.
Some days, obviously, I am like 'Today is not the day,' but you got to push through, especially when my aspirations are to be pro, you can't have any bad days.