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I have been part of very successful City teams, but it was never at the end of a dominant season that we were able to win a title.
I'm thankful for what I've got, but I'm cramming all my money into a trust fund because I don't ever want to look around and wonder where all my money went.
My name is Jennifer, and when I first went to school, my kindergarten teacher called me Jenny, and from then on, I was Jenny.
American blues can make you sad.
Playing for the national team is always an honour. We must make the most of every opportunity.
I only have good vibes.
For me, the most satisfying time to work with people, and time when it really works, is when you work with directors that are into the truth of any sort of situation.
I have made all my monies through cinema.
I had to either get better or leave the field. I couldn't go back to my village as a failure. The only thing that occurred to me was that I would work hard and get better next year. I feel that my love for the craft has got me this far, and this love is still there.
I went to DePaul University Theatre School in Chicago, Illinois.
African society and culture varies much more than European society but it's just considered 'Africa' as if they are all the same.
Trees face many difficulties, what with deforestation and pollution, but that didn't stop me from wanting to be one - to just stop feeling and live.
Democracy functions better when donors push politicians to win campaigns based on their defining issues instead of using financial pressure for policy changes, favors, or special access.
I should not think that I have to win every match and what others will think; that will create extra pressure. I just have to give best on court.
In warm weather, people are sillier.
Officers who use stop and search appropriately, with reasonable grounds and in a targeted and intelligence-led way, will always have my full support.
You discover your brain is a powerful tool, something that is so powerful that sometimes you are surprised by the outcomes, how quickly it adapts to situations and how quickly you learn.
Protein is key in my opinion. Vegetables are a must. Complex carbohydrates have to be used at the right time. Stay away from processed foods, refined sugars, and fruit juices.