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Karen Carpenter was just a singularly amazing singer. There was just not anybody like her.
I hope maybe one day I can be like Wayne Rooney. Maybe then some young players will be proud to play against me. That would be amazing.
Any time I had my hair in a ponytail, it would give me a headache by the end of the day.
Trust has always been a hard issue in my life, and when I was with the UFC, it was hard for me to trust people because it was like I was seeing lies, up to lies, up to lies.
When critics called me a duplicate of my father, I knew I can't do anything about my genes but I ensured that I shed the romantic image and create my individual style.
Think of the imagination as a giant stone from which we carve out new ideas. As we chip away, our new ideas become more polished and refined. But if you start by editing your imagination, you start with a tiny stone.
I like singing Bruce Springsteen.
Before BLM, there was a dormancy in our black freedom movement. Obviously many of us were doing work, but we've been able to reignite a whole entire new generation, not just inside the U.S. but across the globe, centering black people and centering the fight against white supremacy.
I love Arsenal. I really love this club. They've brought me a lot.
We like to get money. Whoever wants to work with us and make some money, let's do it.
Why did the Pakistani military attack us on behalf of JeM? You not only keep JeM on your soil but fund them, and when the victim country retaliates, you attack it on the terror outfit's behalf.
What the not-so-good moments gave me at Real Madrid, I think they helped me grow.
Racism is a problem, economic inequality is a problem, not enough rock n' roll on the radio is a problem. But all those problems will become insignificant when the oceans rise in a way that threatens organised human activity.
I love the bowl cut. I had it when I was younger, and I decided to go back to it. It seems to fit me.
It is not about being the greatest team in the world ever, it is about fighting for every run and wicket.
Sometimes, I just, I say various things.
The Southern hospitality is almost the same as the love and the kindness that they show back at home.
The opportunity to coach Kerry Kittles I wouldn't give up for anything.