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In my opinion, anybody can sing. If they have a voice, they must sing.
I want to help bring tech jobs to middle America and help us create more innovation clusters.
If I'm on the bench in a Premier League game, I'm thinking, 'What can I do coming off the bench?'
If Adam Schiff is able to review covert operations and intelligence, and if we have to be able to rely on his representations, our whole system is broken.
No one wants to be the next Pete Rose.
I love politics, but from the sidelines.
As an athlete, there is no bigger compliment in my mind you can pay a guy when you say he can get the job done despite the obstacles he'll face.
Argentina produces great footballers, but Uruguay does the same.
I have always been a huge fan of JLo.
To the general public, just remember the people around you. You might not know what they're thinking, so it's always nice to be checked in on and to check in on people.
I recommend for any basic course on the Beat Generation to familiarize yourself with 'The Idiot,' Prince Myshkin. He was Dostoyevsky's idea of the most beautiful human being he could imagine, the creation of a saint in literature.
Everyone remembers the bad guy long after they've seen the movie.
Lionel Messi is a role model for everyone, including me.
Juventus rejected an offer from Barcelona for me. It was a big offer, and that means I'm an important player for the club, and I have to thank them for that.
Indeed, President Trump seems to have a pretty good idea how to enrich oneself at taxpayer expense.
I understand the psychology of the sport, especially inside the ring.
I think Fedor is one of those guys who capitalizes on a lot of people's mistakes, and nobody capitalizes on his mistakes.
I like my villains clever, deep, and driven by pure evil.